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The prices seem reasonable enough B) If only they'd included pictures of the SMD side of the boards then you'd be able to make one and see if you like it before you buy one :D

They look intresting..but its hard to tell if they'll be good or not without hearing them, s'pose you can either buy one and try it or wait for the MP3's they're promising (though like with all guitar related sound clips they're likely to be at least a little misleading).

:D +1 on lovekrafts idea of sticking them in a box with a footswitch on. For a start you can then use each module with all your guitars!

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lol :D im liking the idea of that, but im not sure on the useability lol i modded a zoom multi fx pedal into a vintage metal axxe razor guitar and it was amazing but i was a bit of a problem when it came to changing fx patches due to having to tap a button :D oh well, matt belamy has done it so why not? if its simlpe single fx it should be ok, i did a single fx for mi pal and he loves it and doesnt find it a problem changing so fair enuf B)

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I just ordered some stuff from Guitarfetish. I was thinking of the Modboards but chickened out. This is a bit of an old thread so, does anybody have any clips we could listen to if you have bought one? I'd love to hear one. And from the sounds of it, most people on the net would like to hear one too. They do sound really cool. And at a price like that, wow.

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