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Help Me Blow Fifty Bucks


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I have a guitar i put together with old parts. It's pretty nice, really, but the pickups are out of an Ibanez RX170. They're decent, but not as musical as I'd like. I was thinking about buying a rewire kit and one of



buying this set


Do the single coils have enough crunch and drive to give me a decent hard rock tone, ala Ratt or VH? I'm going through a Line 6 POD, if that helps. I have both types of pickuard, so that's no problem.

I want a bit more TONE, but some PUNCH too. Anyone with experience, please help.

I'm leaning tward the whole set, but need help.

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i have bought a few of these. god only knows where tey are made but they are made well

they are even copper sheilded and if you search his items youll find white,black and zebra

with black or chrome rails they are actualy very good sounding pickups with good power 14K

and hell swing a deal with you on three. these are what ive been using as my sustainer

and they work great for that too. here is the link


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Personally I'd either go for the full humbuckers or the set of rail single sized pickups.

:D just install a coil tap and you've got all the single coil tones too! (though I s'pose with a normall DPDT switch you could only get two of the three rail pickups to coil tap :D if you bought a toggle switch with more contacts though you could have them all taped!)

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I've just got a set of those fat paf zebras for my current build. This will be my 6th set of GFS pickups now. I've been through vintage strat s/c's and overwound black hex HB's as well as vintage paf HB's for a 335-type. I think they represent excellent value for money, tone and clarity has been great, not yet wired up the fat paf zebras, but being 4-conductor you can get the best of borht worlds.

Good luck with the build!

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Scott Rosenberger is selling a set of Carvins for $60. Not to put my nose where it doesn't belong, but I bet he'd part with them for $50 if you offered. I've never asked him, of course, so I can't speak for him... but if he agrees, that's $50 pretty well spent.

Here's the thread:


I only mention it because I'd grab'em for myself if humbucking pickups were at all a priority for me right now.


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