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Scarf Joint

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After I got the scarf joint completed, I cut down the sides to show the tight joint. I really like using the router method, but it took a bit of trial and error to get the jig just right. After the cuts are right, you have to learn how to even out the clamps to get the correct pressure distribution, or else you'll have a poor joint.


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When I get my Big Bad Bandsaw up and running, I may use that. But to date, a handsaw (Japanese. Everyone's using japanese saws, right? Right.) and a handplane (block and/or #4) are the perfect tools for the job. If nothing else, the scarf joint will teach you good tool sharpening and use. Handy skills...

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I did my first scarf joint two weeks ago and the end result is very good.

I looked at a number of different ways to cut the joint including table saw, band saw, hand saw, hand plane, router jigs (describd in this forum). I ended up using my own method - The MiterScarf Cutter™ :D

Here is a pic of the jig on my miter saw:


The quality of the cut depends on the quality of your blade. I just have a 40T blade. Also, take it slow and don't leave the blade in the cut for too long or the wood will burn. I'll remove 1/2" at a time. For cleaning up the freshly cut joint, I used 220 grit snadpaper on a flat block of MDF.

Here is a pic of the glued up joint (I used Setch's glueup method):



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