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F-hole Or No F-hole

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I do think it does make a difference, however slight. And with that said, I will vote for the aesthetics FAR outweighing the functionality difference an f-hole creates. IMO in a guitar that NEEDS an f-hole, ala archtop jazz, it adds that extra volume and tone, but in a semi, which doesn't, it's not giving you those benefits, but is still causing the same negative effects it always causes.... being more prone to feedback. HOWEVER, like I said, in a semi, this proneness is minimal, and when it comes down to can probably be disregarded and looked at from a purely aesthetic point of view unless you plan to run it through a sovtek amp on full gain with SD invader pickups in the guitar.


PS: If you want REASONS why I say the above, there have been atleast 3 threads I can think of where I've explained my thoughts on chamber volume/air free-movement and f-holes in relation to tone and feedback. Search is your friend.

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I doubt it'll make a huge difference, tonally, but I have found that my non-f-hole semis feed back way, way less than f-hole semis (not built by me). It's not because my tops are heavier (carved in and out, to 4-5mm thick, generally), but the feedback I get, I get when I want it. Controlled. Even at high volumes.

I'm not averse to the things, but I haven't designed anything (yet...stay tuned!) that requires/works well with an F-hole.

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I suppose any hole in the guitar is going to create Helmholtz resonance, but given it is not mainly an acoustic instrument I doubt that is significant. I suppose the larger the chambers and thinner the top/back the more you may get out of it. It still comes down to it primaily being electric. So it is still just adding a dash of flavor to the recipe. If it provides notably better feedback control as Mattia has found in his. That sounds pretty appealing. Semi's really seem like a wild card to me. The one thing I always wonder about is pickup mounting, and how much effect different methods of attachment can play on sound.


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