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yeah spotted them the other day somewhere. I like the top one a lot, the bottom one get's lost a bit. I saw some better pictures from an angle & the jigsaw pieces look really well done, it also looks kinda camo from a distance too.

.....ooooooooh, hang on, I've had a brainwave......anyone fancy doing a camo pattern with different woods? :D

I know that this is a bit contraversial here but.....it's still the same ol' Ibanez shape, not my thing but the finish makes it a bit more interesting.

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i agree with Mattia

i have seen these before. look at the gaps in the peices

while it does look more like "puzzle peices" this way it still bothers me

just like loose fitting inlays that have to rely on colored filler to make a bad job look better

versus tight fitting ones that someone took there time to do right

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haha...they're not gaps, they're bevels. I can't find the first pic I saw, it was a close-up of the body, but I've found this ebay listing with some more pics:


& some NAMM pics


Oh they are gaps! i saw one close up in my local and they are bloody aweful. They may have slightly bevelleved over the edge but they dont have a chance of fitting together. I have just finished making a rossete on my next acoustic that has 5 points around it, if they hadnt have perfectly fit, then i wouldnt just bevel over the edge. IMO if a company wants to mass produce guitars they should at least do something achievable.


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My brother has one, with the light and dark puzzle pieces. There are absolutely NO gaps . They're perfectly matched and the bevels are perfectly done. I will take some pics soon!

If there were no gaps they wouldnt bevel the edges. A perfectly joined jigsaw pattern, totally flush would look cool and probably quite beautful if you like wooing over good joints :D

The bevels just make it easy to have not so good a fit and fill the gaps with filler without noticing.


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