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Recording Riffs

Richie C

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I'm looking for suggestions on what is required for a basic guitar recording setup. I'm just looking to lay down some ideas and riffs as they come to me and would like a quick and easy setup process.

I've got a Mesa Dual Rectifier and a Marshall 4x12 cabinet and a pretty dated computer with pretty minimal inputs. (3 USB and mic in)

Hardware/Software ideas are all welcome. Thanks!

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I don't think there's a better deal for recording than the TonePort UX2. However, since it sounds like you'll be recording your amps (and not the amp models in the TonePort's Gearbox software) you can probably get away with something else.

So, my next best recommendation if you want something REEAAAallllly basic and inexpensive would be a unit like the Tapco Link.USB, because it comes with Mackie Tracktion, my favourite recording software. So, I'm a bit biased. :D

Depending on your budget, there are many options to go from there. You're spoiled for choice, really. :D


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