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24 Fret Lpdc ...


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Hey all! I'm in the planning stages for an LPDC that I want to build, and I was thinking of joining the neck at the 24th fret. I'd either go with a very long tenon or maybe a neck thru so I'm not so worried about the joint itself, but I'm wondering if you think the balance would be all off by the extra length of the neck. It'll probably be a 25.5" scale too.

I think I remember seeing that someone around here built an LPDC with the joint at the 24th fret, but I can't remember who it was now :D

Any opinions would be appreciated :D

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there are things you can do to keep the proper balance...such as small,light tuning machines(waverly makes nice ones),a 1/2" thick headstock instead of the standard 9/16",heavier body woods(thicker maple cap,densest mahogany you can find)thinner fretboard and neck(extra laminates and graphite rods to make up the stiffness)smaller headstock design...all kinds of stuff...i do all of that when i build a vee to keep it balanced(except the waverly tuners...i use gotoh minis)

also make sure you stick with the 24 3/4"


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