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Completed My First Guitar

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hi there to all, have been lurking in thebackground for a while, but i finished up,well almost, my first guitr . it's working well. maple front and neck, mahoganny back bubinga fretboard, anf headstock veneer. only 2" thick, 25 " scale . gotoh parts, golden age humbucker from SM . 4 months after i started the machine work. 3 months to let the wood set and read , and read, and read, and read!!!


is there a way, place to post a picture?

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thank you verhoevenc, i thought about putting some color to it, i really ike the root beer finish that Gbson used...but in the end decided to leave it natural. btw the way i finished it was sanded through 320, then 4 coats of Deft laquer sanding sealer, then 3 coats of Sherwin Williams hand rubbed catalyzed laquer. Then i rubbed it down good with 0000steel wool and johnsons floor paste wax . It has a nice feel to it, not to heavy, and you can feel the wood.


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