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Space between bridge and tailpiece

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Well, I have one that is pretty far apart, and it doesnt buzz, but there is some sustain loss due to less angle.

Also, Kramer "banana" headstocks with a locking nut work better with trees.

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Not that I've made a guitar yet....

But plenty of guitars have lots of length between the bridge proper and whatever is being used as a tailpiece. But it all comes down to a few things, based on common sense and/or layman's physics--

-With less downward angle after the bridge, there IS a greater chance that your string will pop right off the saddles with aggressive bending. Tuning lower (even less string tension in action) will exacerbate this problem.

-With less downward pressure, more of the string's energy will continue along, rather than being transferred to the bridge. If your bridge is a piece of crap tone sponge, that might be a good thing, though I imagine that it's more desirable for most people to have a well-anchored and stable bridge, with good pressure from the strings, which will allow the strings to sustain longer.

-With more string length behind the bridge, there's more string slack that will have to 'stretch out' before your strings' tuning becomes stable. Also, with less downward pressure, unless you're using a roller nut, you'll run into other tuning instability problems.

I would say that the answer lies in between. I don't think the distance from bridge to tailpiece REALLY matters for making a playable guitar, but it certainly plays an integral part in the guitar's final sound and performance.

If it's for aesthetics, give yourself a little bit of room to muck around! If it's not exactly like a Les Paul, or Warmoth's diagram, it'll still work. :D

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