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Skull Inlay


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Thanks - hey Pushead, is that a pic from a guitar you own? I was looking at Kirk Hamett's KH-2 and it looks like the inlay may be cut by hand? Each one looks a bit different (not just scaled down in size). I guess it would be difficult to get a machine to handle small pieces like that.

If you have any more pictures of that inlay, I'd really like to see them.

Thanks again,


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feylya - yes, but that was a long time ago.

Dave - Yes, I own that guitar. It was a very early release similar to the KH-2. It is NOT a KH-2 however. The headstock says ESP Custom, and it had a EMG 85 at the neck when I bought it. The serial number puts it at a 1993-1994 guitar. I don't believe that the signiture series came out until 95 or so.

I've got other pics, lemme do some digging.

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