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Groound To Tom Bridge


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because to solder to the insert would take too much heat,then if you did get it,you would have a bunch of solder to scratch the wood of your top around the insert while installing it.

soldering is not necessary in that instance...thecontact is all you need...by the way that is how EVERY manufacturer does it,including gibson,schecter,and esp just to name a few that i have personally changed the inserts out on...

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Drill 1/16" holes with a hand drill from each string ferrule to the next adjacent ferrule. Then drill another hole from the ferrule closest to a cavity to said cavity(or whichever cavity is most convenient). Then it's just a matter of running some bare stranded wire from the cavity to the ferrules. You can push the ferrules in, pinning the wire between the wood and ferrule. For the strands in the cavity, just solder them to the shielding next to where they come out of the hole. This will effectively, and very cleanly I might add, ground your strings.



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