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Big Questions For Big Project


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The Names John, but cakl me JP i dnt mind, glad so many people are as fanatic about all this stuff as i am.

I Need some help though, my first guitar isnt finished because the guy who's guitar it is, isn't paying for the parts so i'vestopped building it, now i'm onto this new guitar for a relative.

I need to know all about neck through guitars and how ther made, there used to bea page on projectguitar.com but it doesnt seem be there no more, and also mesaure meants for nickel plate humbuckers, with rings of course...that way i can add to my plans. I have drawn full size plans for everything already, just certain measurements need, i'm takin exra care with this one.

Hope anyone can help

Thanks alot guys, keep buildin keep playin


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what is a "nickel plate humbucker"?

I remember my dad telling me that White Castle used to sell their burgers for a nickel a piece. But I don't think they had plates.

JP, if you don't know the answer to these types of questions, do you really think you're ready to be building for other people? I sure hope you're not charging anything.

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there are a few different ways of doing a neck through, but mainly, the neck goes THROUGH the guitar..

as long as that rule is followed, I think you'll have it made.

you can cut the body and attach the two sides as wings, or you can route a channel into the body for the neck to go through, you can top it, or leave the wood exposed..

other then that its straight forward...

as far as the ring goes, I dont have dimensions on me, but im sure the places that sell it will have it listed.

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No i am not charging for this, this is for a relative and i am paying for it. I could finish the other guitar but the friend i was building it with said he wanted it and he would buy everything for it and...he hasn't so if theres no bridge, pick ups, strings machine heads, any electricals at all...how can i go any further, all i have is 2 pieces of wood, 1 shaped like a guitar body, the other like a neck.

This guitar i am taking my time with cos its for sumbody else, whether there paying or not, when i built the other 1 my friend was rushing ahead, i was trying to concentrate on the neck and getting tht perfect while he just buggered off n did the body. so the body had alot of modifications for the neck to fit because HE didnt know what he was doing.

Wood work and Electricals run in my family, anything we can build, we'll build it so its not like i know nothing. And i've been researching building a guitar for over 7 years before i even put pen to paper to design one, and saw to wood to build one. all i wanted was sum advice thats all.


P.S Crazy Man, i have seen that thread and have read it and it is now safely saved on my laptop ready for printing and going into my plans. thanks for that.

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