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Neck Pocket Crack On Rg550l

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Hi all,

I have an RG550L body with a crack at the neck pocket - I can post a pic if needed but it's like the one called common neck joint surface crack.


I was about to have this body painted but I wasn't sure if the crack needs to be repaired for the neck to be stable. The crack goes all the way through. The wood is very thin there.



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I think as the site says, you're going to need to take the neck off and check on how bad the crack is and why it happened. Perhaps it may only need a thin application of a fast drying epoxy in the crack. As it appears its more than the paint you need to figure out what stress its under that caused the crack or it may happen again after the repair. Good luck with it.

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99.999999999% of the time, the wood isnt cracked, its the lacquer.

forget the epoxy, no matter how thin it is, its too thick.

If you are respraying with anything other than a transperant colour or clear, hit the area with thin CA glue. It will seep in and strengthen the entire area, and stop this happening again.

This is so common, that Fender do not cover it under warranty, even if the guitar has not been sold yet.

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