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How Much Paint


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what type of paint?

my guess is that by the time i finish the clearcoats on my exploder,i will be up to about 800 to 900 cc./..body,neck,maple fretoard,everything

i already have about 600 cc in color coats...but i like a thick finish,and there is alot of overspray involved with the preval sprayers i am using...plus alot of level sanding between coats...so only about 1/2 or less of what i spray ends up on the guitar(i am not very practiced at this yet,and i don't have the right equipment)

i am using catalyzed varnish

if you buy a quart of 2 part or catalyzed,you should have enough for the guitar plus expirimenting with colors and tecniques on scraps before you start

also depends on the wood and if you seal it with the finish itself or another sealer.i sealed mine with ca glueso the body was already sealed and leveled before painting

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my body is mahogany and the headstock is maple. i'll be using acrilyc enamel, like car paint. My last project was painted with the same kind, by somebody else, and it turnd out very good. i want to spray this one myself, i just didnt want to buy to much paint, that stuff's not cheap you know. thanks.

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