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How Will This Sound On Top Of Mahogany?

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Hello everyone, im new to the forum and guitar building. And i think I just made a mistake and bought this piece of wood off ebay. And the reason its a mistake is cause when i got done putting in my bid, i realized it said "Curly Soft Maple"

Do you think this peice will sound like dung ontop my mahogany body?


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"soft"(Western,Bigleaf or whatever you want to call it) is very commonly used for tops. It is not as dense or stiff as Harder Maples. It would be closer to Mahogany in terms of density and stiffness(although not exact matches). Bigleaf is a very resonant wood and is prized for acoustic instruments(it is not a bad wood). If you see a quilted Maple top it is "soft" maple and the vast majority of flamed Maple tops you see are also "soft" Maple. Hard Maple does show flamed figure as well as Birdsey(not found in soft maples). The term "soft wood" vs "hardwood" refers to groups of trees that either Deciduous trees(hardwoods) or Conifers, Evergreens, Needle or scaled trees(softwoods). So no harm no foul(in terms of making a guitar sound bad).


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