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Prs Double Cut Bolt On?

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I currenly have a PRS copy at work, but I don't like the neck I built, so I'm going to cut it off and add a set neck OR...


Something like that (PRS double cut Swamp Ash Special

But that looks dangerous.. Any ideas on how deep that should be and the neck heel - does it have to be longer than normal to be stable? I don't think I've seen any guitar with a bolt-on action right under a humbucker.

Making a bolt-on neck on an existing guitar body will be easier for me, but stability?? Any ideas?


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My $.015 for what its worth check drawings of SG's. Their tenons go under the humbucker. The earlier models, if you recall, did not have this feature and were connected towrd the very end of the fingerboard. As a result, they were not very stable and would break at that joint. It was redesigned to have a stepped tenon to reach further into the body, under the pup and was attached at the 19th?? fret instead of the 22nd?? There is a thread about the sg designs which you can also read about in Melvin Hiscock's book for some more accurate info. I'm assuming PRS did something similar by the pics. It looks as though they left 1/4-3/8 in (6.35mm-9.52mm) of meat on the body and used a stepped tenon which, from your side view, looks like a stairstep so it will fit under the pup. Hope this is of some help.

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