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What Am I Describing If...

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Ever have a guitar that played nice when chording, power chords (anything with two or more notes being playing simultaneously) but just sounded dead with single notes? I wonder if this is what they mean by "dead spots"?


Dead spots are not the same thing. That is when you have a lively string full of sound on say fret 0 to 17 and it becomes dull and muted between 18 and 20 and lively again on fret 21 to 24. You get the picture.

I think that you need to give us more info. Are the dead notes only on certain frets or on certain strings? Are single notes on the bass strings also dead? Are the strings old? If so, change them. That can make a big difference. Have you checked the height of the pickups? Are they close to the strings or far away? If the pickups are to close the magnetic pull of the pickups can mute the strings.

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