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What's The Easiest Way To Remove String Ferrules?

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Look to see which ones have the largest centre holes. Find a metal rod which will fit into this hole - something like a thin screwdriver. Push down at a slight angle until you engage the tip of the rod with the ferrel at the opposite side. Try pushing. This might not work since the ferrels will probably be pretty tight. If that doesn't work, try hammering gently on the end of the rod until the ferrel comes out. Do this for all 6 and once they are removed, you can find a thicker screwdriver and push those at the other side out. Only thing that could possibly go wrong is that the ferrel might take a small chip from the lacquer, but if you have a decent finish and you work carefully, this shouldnt happen.

They are just held by friction, not glue, so should come out without too much effort.


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