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Building Vs. Buying

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Once you start loading up qualifiers, the advice becomes watered-down and meaningless. "IF" you buy your equipment over time, "IF" you have access to a workspace, "IF" you can get time on the right powertools, "IF" you are deliberate and calculating, "IF" you scour eBay patiently for months waiting for a miracle buy, "IF"... etc... etc.. etc... then the end result is, "Well, anything's possible." Not very concrete or usable advice.

In addition to the "1st time success stories" (primarily by older dudes who have already learned the virtues of craftsmanship through their other pursuits) here, there are "1st time disaster" stories, which are far more common. Luckily, the dominant theme in those "disaster" stories is, "Man, that was fun and I can't wait to have another crack at it and make improvements." THAT is the spirit I'm suggesting.


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Ok Wes, here's the thing... single comments that state things such as "You don't have a guitar with a Floyd rose original and EMG 81/85 pickups for $300 new.The least expensive i have seen is more around the $650 - $700 mark." are nothing more than accusing, argumentative, and TOTALLY looks like railroading the subject at hand.

I understand what you are saying,but at the same time you admitted i was correct.I just want it understood that the $300 guitar with the HZ and "liscensed" Floyd is not the same thing as the one with the 81/85 floyd original combo.

Mostly it is a subjective issue...but now you know my take on it,do you not?

There is one other thing though.For me,it took several guitars worth of experimenting to find out what worked for me and what did not...so I just really believe it takes a few projects before you get the real deal.

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