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Help! Fretboard Is Too Tall?

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My fretboard raises approximately 6mm from the neck - the floyd rose locking nut I have (R42) doesn't appear to be tall enough for that, as the fretboard raises just to the bottom of the slots for strings. What can I do about this? The fretboard is a compound radius one that I bought from stewmac :-\

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You could shim the nut or bridge saddles - I have absolutely no idea if this will work though, but it is a very simple method. You could also level the back of the fingerboard down. Find a leveled table and use double stick tape to hold sandpaper down (try 100 grit at first) and go from there. It shouldn't take long to get it where you want, 6mm is pretty close. I ship my fingerboards out with 7mm thickness without a radius.

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