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Changing A Combo Amp To A Head

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I have a Marshall MG 30 watt solid state combo amp. Recently i obtained a 115 or 118 audio speaker. The school i attend was throwing one out so i offered to take it off their hands. I plugged it into the back of the school's Fender bass half-stack combo (which is like a full sized head and combo joined into one shell) like a cabinet and they both worked simultaneously. I brought it home and tried to plug it into the combo without luck. I thought i might need to change it into a head or at least add a jack in the back to line out to. How could i go about this without any major surgery on the amp? I've never really done much wiring.

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you could solder some wires on the back of the speaker in the combo that then go to an input/output jack which you can connect to this speaker via a cable.

you would probably need to take the wooden back off the amp to get to the speaker though...dunno how unmajor you want it to be

i dunno if thatll work but meh its worth a try.

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it sounds like a waste of time to me unless you have specific goals or some more info to go,

do you know what wattage the speaker is ?

how many ohms is it ?

what are you after at the end of it all, 2 speakers from 1 amp or are you just looking to replace the original ?

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I wouldn't run the speaker in parallel with the internal speaker on the amp - with an extra speaker in parallel you're increasing the load you placing on the amp, probably to beyond what it's designed for. If it hasn't got an external speaker jack it probably was never intended to have extra speakers added.

If you absolutely must have the extra speaker put it in series with the internal speaker on the amp. That way you won't overload the amp, but in return you probably won't get twice the output volume if that's what you were hoping for?

To run it in series you have to remove the black wire from the internal speaker. Connect a new wire from the lug where the black wire used to go on the internal speaker to the external speaker lug marked "positive" or "+" etc. Connect the black wire that you removed from the internal speaker to the other lug on the external speaker.

Lot of trouble for little gain though IMHO.

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