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Homemade String Though

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Oh my....you've got a lot of reading and researching to do. :D

First, get Melvyn Hiscock's Book and then check out stewmac.com. After you read the book, do a search for any topic that confuses you or anything else you can't figure out. And if you're still stumped, post up your questions here! B)

But to be specific to your your question in this thread, the stewmac.com thing will help you out. But it would be a good idea to learn the terminology if you plan on figuring out what you need. :D

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Although I've seen the 1-piece metal thing on production guitars, I haven't seen any around for DIY stuff. Not to say it doesn't exist, but I haven't seen any readily available. Typically, builders will opt instead for separate "string-through ferrules" which are available at Stewart-MacDonald and other suppliers.

You could always make your own string-through "retainer" (?) bar.

[edit: it's a cross-post extravaganza!!]

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