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got my plans plotted(Printed) out

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lay it on the wood (align with the centerline if it's a 2 peice body) tape it with 2 peices of tap at either end... and slide some carbon paper under it and trace it onto the wood, or cut out the design and you don't need the carbon papers, that's all i do for new designs.. then just check with the paper template while your sanding into the line when shaping the body

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or glue it onto a piece of plywood, make a template, then use that to cut out the body.

hmm i thought i replied.


I did that, with a print out i made on regular paper and taped together.

But the jigsaw would take up and move the paper and what not.

So i'm thinking of doing a similar, but w/ cardboard. so i can have more control over the cutout w/ a razor. And then use that as a template to trace around on the wood.

Though that carbon paper sounds interesting.

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well i did a test run on the headstock.

Because its small enough for me to just reprint on regular paper.

ANd..the cardboard thing aint gonna work.

I'll probably end up doing the carbon paper idea.

What do you use to trace? It doesn't matter right? as long as it provides enough pressure to put the carbon onto the wood right?

so you just like tape down the paper, and slide a sheet of carbon paper between it and the wood and just trace sections of it at a time?

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ya pretty much, just tape it at both ends making sure the centerline is dead on... and that the paper is taught so it won't slide around on the wings... i supose you could use 4 peices of tape. the carbon paper is pretty cheap, try a staples buisness depot or something like that... idealy you want to trace it with something fine yet blunt.. I've also just printed out designs, cut them out with scirsors, taped them to the body and just traced them with a pencil cause the carbon paper can get kinda messy... and remember, you have to have the "dirty" side of the carbon paper facing down.

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