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Wechter Doublecut Acoustic

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I think it looks kind of cool and well made, also very flashy and a good deal.

Personally I don't think i would buy it unless i have actually physically played that specific guitar i was buying, even though i do buy stuff from eBay. But i haven't played a Wechter yet. The double cutaway looks like it would take a lot out of the tone but until i play a Wechter i have no idea.

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I'm not against it. I reach into upper frets often enough on an acoustic, but so do classical guitarists where the neck joins at the 12th. :D Where there's a will there's a way....

It's hard to say if it would take away from tone at all. Why would it? If you were a clever person (which I'm not, at least not for this kinda thing) you could probably make wacky arguments for the IMPROVED tone based on parallel refractions and reflections or other made-up voodoo. Guitar consumers eat that kinda crap up.

For unconventional acoustic shapes, I'm rather fond of the new Parkers that have appeared in recent Guitar mags. Thinking outside of the box is de bezt.

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Every different body shape is going to have its own sound. The double venetian cut looks clean, although I doubt I would build that way it is removing top from a pretty rigid part of the body(less impact on the tops performance). Play a couple of them and see if you like the way they play and sound(only real test of an acoustic). I would look over the construction closely. It is in a lower priced guitar(not a bad thing) and you really just have to be sure it is constructed well. Watch the action, bridge saddle height, fretwork, joints(generally a much lower end problem, sloppy joints or flaws coated with thick finish). First and formost is sound. Forget preconcieved notions about Sitka spruce, Lacewood, or whatever it is made of. Forget the shape or body design, and just listen. Compair it to others(every price range, different body sizes) to see if it is what floats your boat.


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