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Another Body Design

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You should add a picture or sketch so we know what kind of design you mean.

All photobucket photos disappeared for a bit across the forum- and when I tried to log into my account it told me the site was under maintainence.

Same happened in WesV's thread

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Honestly? Based on that drawing alone, I'd say it's going to be neck heavy, difficult to play sitting down, and have frets that are so close together they can't be fretted. But that's based on a crude drawing. Do yourself a favor and draw the guitar out to scale with all of the proper neck dimensions, bridge/nut string spacing, scale length, etc.

On that note, I think this body would be a good candidate for a headless setup. That would drop the weight at the headstock and add weight at the back of the body, possibly correcting any neck heaviness that would become evident when playing it on a strap.



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That's kindof what I was afraid of, because i really don't like headlesses. And yea, the frets would be absurdly close together, which is why, what i didnt specifty, that it's going to be baritone scale, is important. But, yeah, it could be cool as a headless.

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My 2 cents is worth about a half a penny but I'll throw it in....

The sketch is more than a fair start. Starting there I'd elongate the body ever so slightly - a little more egg a little less teardrop.

Headless? nah- rather something rounded that mimics the curve of the cutout.

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