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won my auction, now i need to ask about tv yellow


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i have always loved the tv yellow finish, my granddad had a tv yellow lp junior, i loved that thing, he had to sell it for my grandmas medical bills about 4 years ago, when i originally put together my spare parts strat, i had considered it then, but the black finish on the body was perfect, so why go and spoil that, now i have a unfinished body and neck on the way and it would be the perfect oppurtunity to finish it in tv yellow, i think ill get the best of both worlds here, its a hardtail body, wich is not a tune o matic stop bar, but a tele style bridge, still better sustainer, i dont play anything except rythm anyways, no need for a trem, but i think with the headstock, the hardtail bridge, and humbuckers, rear routing, etc. nice blend of a gibson and fender style solid body, i think tv yellow would be the perfect finish, hell i might even entertain the idea of filling the bridge holes and going with the single wraparound, i dunno many ideas, ok tv yellow would make me happy, i have read that tutorial it dont look too hard, anyone done a tv yellow finish yet, any concerns or suggestions, i think ill take as much time as i need to no big rush, this will be a slow process, ill have to be paitent, i waited 2 years for my strat as i slowly waited to get the exact items i wanted, this is like the best xmas gift i could find, i always wanted a fender/gibson, but most kits are either fender or gibson, not a combo so this was a blessing, ok im going to shut up now, im too excited, its my first what i consider a real custom project, ok so i didnt cut the wood on my own, im still happy as i think ill have something rare, not too many people i think will have something like this, i just want to thank everyone for understanding, ahhh tv yellow, its going to look great, unless i go with a natural wood grain look, i always liked that too, hmm well either tv yellow or a clear gloss, ideals, suggestions are appreciated, this is my inspiration btw, this fender and this gibson, i get the best of both worlds hehehehe, its great, sorry im too happy bout this.... this is what im drawing ideals from http://www.fender.com/gear/gear.php?partno=0110600# wich is a color they call butterscotch blonde but is a very tv yellowish looking color, damn close and http://www.gibson.com/products/gibson/lesp.../JrSpecial.html but my granddads was a 94 i think and it was tv yellow, not natural since they dont offer em in tv anymore, basically my first thought was hmm the tornado is alot like the junior, now i get both im happy. I think the fender tornados kick ass by the way, i messed with a few of them at the music shop when they first came out.


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[quote name='Godin SD' date='Dec 5 2004, 08:49 AM'] see above post, geezzzz [/quote]
See the ABOVE post!!!! In Germany, ReRanch stuff is flamable and won't be air shipped, only ground even in the USA. I'm sure that if you get a sample of the color to an automotive paint shop they can mix some for you over there. And this is a 2002 thread, gosh!

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