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Plating Gone, What To Protect?

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I have an imitation Tele bridge that will become a tailpiece.

I want to hacksaw the end with the pickup hole away. That'll leave me wih some metal exposed.

Is there anything that will protect the edges from corrosion?

Maybe somehing that will pass for chrome?

A recommended paint?

This is for a cheap guitar made with spare parts, so I won't need to replate it, nor do I want to use a nice bridge for this.



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Antique Electronics Supply (tubesandmore.com) sells some DIY electroplating stuff - it appears to be aimed a smaller parts (I'd assume for radio restoration since that seems to be their thing) but it might work for something like a touch up like this? I don't know. I've been wanting to pick some up for a while, but haven't had a chance to.

If you go to their website, it's under "radio parts & restoration", and then "Electroplating". I'm sure some other places sell similar stuff, although I haven't seen it. There's more info in their catalog, which I think is also available as a PDF on the website.

The clear nail polish solution sounds like the easiest and should work well, (I've done it.) I think I'm mostly throwing this out there in the hopes that someone will see this and comment on the effectiveness of this stuff.

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Thanks garehanman,

I did as you suggested.

After I hacksawed it, I filed it back.

Then sanded with 220; 320; 400; 600; 1000; 2000 grit.

Then applied Maas Metal Polishing Creme

Then used some old cotton materieal to buff it out by hand.

It looks great. One edge barely has a little copper color showing, but it is actually better than the original in some spots.

Thanks for the help fellas.



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