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1982 Electra Mpc

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So i got this guitar from a pawnshop, and i mean that thing owns. i think i found the sound with this one. The switching is so smooth and creamy, its just brite enough (a little more than a paul), and still retains a LOT of warmth. ive been playing it 24/7 and i cant find anything that this guitar CANT do. And when it does something, it does it PERFECTLY. It is definitely sweet. The problem is that it is an old guitar, and it has some nicks that dont really bother me. It is, however, missing the D string tuner. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! it also didnt come with any of the MPC modules that were made by Electra that act as pre amps. here is a site that has more about the guitars and pre amps. http://www.rivercityamps.com/electra

I am pretty sure that my model is an 82 x940. It doesnt have a serial number, but electra wasnt known to put s/n on their guitars. If anyone knows anything about electra guitars, or where i could get a tuner and some mpc modules, that would be great








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I'd be more inclined to put a new set of Sperzel tuners on there, unless maybe those originals are working great and I could find a single replacement for no more than $5.00

Nobody's gonna be impressed that it still has original tuners when they hear the guitar going out of tune (lube those nut slots too).

I gotta start going to garage sales. St.Louis Music Co equipment is quite abundant around here.

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I have an Electra X930 in charcoal burst with the original hard shell case. The only modules I have are the phase shifter and power overdrive ones. At one time I had the frognose which was a practice amp and I believe I had a flanger, I just don't remember. My Dad bought this guitar for me 3/8/80 as an upgrade to my Kay SG style student guitar.

Many many years later (and before I started to build guitar's myself) I removed the original pickups and installed DiMarzio DP100's in it to change the sound. I liked the new sound but kept the old pickups just in case. This guitar still plays and sounds great even though it doesn't get used much anymore. The frets are showing some wear and it has quite a few dings here and there but overall is still nice. The biggest downside to this guitar is that it seems very heavy to me compared to the guitar's that I build.

Also, I changed the tuners because one or two of them were not working too well. BE CAREFUL changing them out because the tuner bushings can pull up the finish material from the front of the peghead. Also, you may find you have more screw holes on the back of the peghead because the new tuners secure with less than the original. I just screwed the old screws in the exposed holes to avoid having to plug them.

I have seen modules and some MPC guitar's for sale on Ebay every once in a while. I have the original receipt showing it was purchased 3/8/80 for $460 and my serial number on the guitar and the receipt is 27151.

Good luck with your guitar.


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