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hello i have a question. im rebuilding a low end ibanez from the ground up, the body and neck are in good shape but im putting new everything else. my question is this, i will run it through a big muff and into a line six spider head with a marshall 4x12 cab, i need new pups and knowing that my guitar strings amp all have to do with tone. i want high output to play metal with, and was wondering if anyone had any comments about what pups to use. i was thinking about a dimebucker, or emgs. im not really a fan of dimarzios. i hear the dimebucker sucks, and ive played a couple guitars with one in it, not overly impressed. then i found the bill lawerence (bill and becky) half the price of most other pickups. if anyone has any thought into this let me know


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Dimarzio Evolutions and Breeds are nice high-output pickups, although I'm not sure if you don't like Dimarzio because you've played 'em all or just heard bad things about them on the internet?

Duncan JB/59 combo is a classic metal combo, the Dave Mustaine set is the active version of those pickups. The Blackouts just came out and appear to be an updated version of the LiveWire that requires less power and uses an updated preamp to compete with the older EMG designs.

Bill Lawrence's pickups are great pickups, but they won't hide your mistakes and can be very transparent and trebly. They are an acquired taste.

What it all comes down to is what kind of amp you're going through, what kind of effects you're using, and whether you play rhythm or lead most of the time.

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it seems the standard for metal is the X2n but I'm personally not a DiMarzio guy. The Duncan invader is a good one to for metal. Check out www.guitarheads.net they sell humbuckers with hex screws that really rock. They also sell actives. I stuck one in an NJ warlock and I absolutely love it! it's 10 times better than anything EMG has ever put out! If you go active with the set up make sure you use a drop orange cap! It cuts the sizzle out of it.

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