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When To Cut Chamber Opening


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I have routed the chambers into the top and bottom of my upper wing, using dowel pin holes to make sure the top, bottom, and template all line up correctly. This is a neck through build.

I've left 1/8" or more on the body top and bottome, outside the template, that I will remove after I glue the top and bottom together. Today I shellaced the inside of the chamber for protection, and tomorrow I'll probably run both top and bottom over the jointer once or twice and then glue it together.

What I don't know is if I should cut the sound hole opening now because it will be easy to drill a hole and cut with the scroll saw,

or, if I should wait until the sides are together and attached to the neck, to make sure I like the placement and shape. It'll be more work to do it later because I'll use a hand saw and files and such.

When would you do it?

Oh, it's a stretched teardrop opening on the rounded upper horn. Not an f-hole or circles. Similar to Gadow's hollow body ( http://www.gadowguitars.com/joomla/index.p...8&Itemid=74 ) but the cut out will be longer and my top will hopefully have a gentle curve / taper towards the edge, not a carve like the Gadow. Gadow is local to me and makes some beautiful guitars btw.



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There are no exact answers to that question. It can be done either way. But I think you answered your own question:

It'll be more work to do it later because I'll use a hand saw and files and such.
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