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Re-finishing an acoustic?


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My friend was looking for an acoustic, but he's cheap. We found a good deal on an Epiphone acoustic, but the finish has been taken off, so it's not shiney at all. We were thinking about just clearing it, but then we kinda wanted it to be either black or red, so how hard would it be to re-finish it? Is it just like doing an electric guitar, or do we have to do something special?

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Its true, ive fixed an old acostic that someone refinished with really thick top clear coat, and man did it sound like crap!

if your going for the "buget" i;d get maybe three to four cans of stew mac black laquer or go to reranch and get some red laquer. and do maybe six coats if they are thin coats. but be careful not to sand through when your are leveling it!

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If its not shiny it could be a satin finish. Actually what i prefer not so sticky.

Remeber an acoustic guitar especially the top is a speaker! Changing the way the top moves will effect tone volume sustain etc..

If you can check out "Guitar Making Tradition and Technology by Cumpuzano/Natelson" borders or barnes and noble should have it.

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