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One Low Fret

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So I string up my completed but unfinished :D LP and everything was great except for the 17th fret. It's low by a substantial amount. Don't know how that happened. I guess I pounded that one fret too hard as I seated it.

Anyway, the fretboard is ebony and although I could fill what would certainly chip out from prying it out, I would like to avoid that if possible. Other than flattening all the other frets down to the level of the 17th though, I guess this is my only option.

So what advice can you give on avoiding the chipping from the fret barbs as I pry it out? I didn't file down those barbs any before installing either, so they'll be hanging on for dear life.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience.

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I don't have any experience re-fretting an ebony fingerboard, but this is exactly what quartersawn woods are highly recommended for fingerboards - To avoid pulling too much wood out when you have to remove the fret. But this is a slightly different scenario. I'm wondering if all the other frets are seated properly at all, you should not have one significantly low fret. But by very low, what is the difference from the height of the other frets?

Chances are you'll need to re-fret the 17th fret.

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It's low enough that fretting at the 16th and 17th give you the same note--with a buzz to boot. I don't have the guitar with me right now but I'm certain the other frets are seated well. The chances of not seating 21 out of 22 frets is probably remote, even for me. But I'll check it out when I get home tonight.

Thanks Jon.

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How even was your board before fretting? I'm wondering if you unknowingly fretted a board with a dip in it. I wouldn't imagine the neck could bend to create a problem like this, so I am thinking there was a low spot sanded into the fretboard. Does the fret look seated like all the rest or can you see a difference? Just throwing out ideas. best of luck. J

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