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Truss Rods

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I don't remember paying insane tax or duty for stuff I had sent from StewMac or LMII. Have you tried these people?


They don't list any truss rods on their site, but it might be worth contacting them to see if they can do anything for ya.

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why not make your own from some aluminium u channel and a threaded rod. just have to fix one end so it doesnt spin, and then get a nut that is suitable to tighten.

+1, there are many different and very easy methods of creating a perfectly workable truss rod.

Here is how i build mine:


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His original post specifies that he wants dual-action.

forgive me for making assumptions, but there are very few situations where dual action has any advantages over traditional truss rods. most people just want them bacause they weel more freedom is good. not that there is anything wrong with dual action rods, but people shouldnt get stuck up about getting dual action as single action does what a truss rod does, when was the last time anyone used the other direction on a dual action? most people want fairly thin necks, or atleast thin enough that the string tension will put atleast a small bow in the neck, thats why truss rods were originally used.

i know you know most of that, but were deducing that he wants a truss rod that isnt being shipped from america, and ignoring that he wants a dual action, as we feel it is pointless.

here are a couple of pics from a truss rod that i put into a bass/ guitar (made 2 the same, cant remember which it is) it is a rod aluminium u section (10mm by 10mm, with a 7mmx8.5mm inside), with a 1/4" rod ( i threaded it, but you could just as easily get a fully threaded rod) the end is a piece of steel stock which is also 10mm by 10mm so that is held in place within the neck. This piece was stopped from rotating using grub screws going into drillholes within the rod, but im sure there are much easier ways. i put some thin brass sheet either side of it to ensure it wouldnt rotate but thats only because my slot was a bit loose. the other end has a coupling nut (just a long nut, you could use another type of nut, but these are easy to get, and worked well for a heel adjustment) for adjustment. i put the rod in the u section and put a washer between the u secion and the nut(could just as well use a spacer of some sort, depending on how the system sits inside the neck). works well, and is cheap and easy to make.



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An apostrophe can sure make a difference in meaning. :D I puzzled over "were assuming", thinking, "but I didn't assume anything-- he SAID he wants it dual action", since 'were' (past tense of "are") matches perfectly with the subject "you".

Of course, you meant "we're" referring to the two people recommending self-made single-action.

I agree that most people will never need dual-action. :D

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Y'know, while I'm all for making my own for lots of things, truss rods just aren't one of those 'lots of things'. I also put CF into every neck I build, and although to date only one has required adding relief, that one (not significantly different from the others in terms of woods, size, or anything else) makes me very happy I put a dual action rod in.

It's not like they're terribly expensive or anything.

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I agree with Mattia!

It’s cheap insurance 10 years down the road when your guitar makes a trip to a climate it doesn’t like. Next thing you know, the truss rod you have doesn’t do the trick any more and you have to do a tone of warranty work on a customer’s axe.

I live and die by the Hot Rod truss rod (which wouldn’t be hard at all to make on your own from basic Home depot parts.) They look nice, they install easily and I’ve never had one strip or snap on me.

For less than $20.00 it helps me sleep at night.

As for Canada shipping, with the lowering cost of the U.S dollar right now (1 U.S. Dollar = 0.932815 Canadian Dollars) it never been cheaper to buy from the U.S. Grab it up while you can!

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