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Hardwood Block In Plywood Body?


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so a friend gave me a very old plywood fender mustang copy to play around with and i decided to make a "mustocaster" (or "stratstang"?) by putting a modified strat pickguard and a strat bridge in it.

so ive filled the trem route and some parts of the control/pup cavity with mahogany and am about to route out the middle pup cavity, and am wondering if doing a cavity slightly larger than a playing card where the strat style bridge will go an putting a mahogany block in there.

would this have a noticeable effect on sustain and/or tone? enough to make it worth doing?

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well i almost did but im not sure if the necks worth making another body for it, he got the guitar for free and its in pretty bad shape, we've never even been able to plug it in as it has no jack.

i initially planed on fixing the electronics, setting it up and straightening the warped pickguard......but after i warmed the pickguard and pressed it between two flat surfaces it shrunk to about 70% original size :D

i didn't even think about the possibility of shrinkage! if anything i thought the pressing might squash it out larger and thinner! really should've done some research :D

so i have a loaded strat pickguard and bridge lying around so i thought id put them on and be done with it, but i thought if theres a chance a block of hardwood might improve the tone i might as well try it out.

itll probably end up the communal band room guitar that gets played if theres nothing better around, so unless some can convince me to go ahead with this (possibly silly) "toneblock" idea then it'll stay as is

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I might change that to plywood can suck. I've had three plywood instruments: a learners strat the pretty much sucked, a low-end Yamaha Pacifica than was pretty good, and an Epiphone P-bass copy that sounded great.

As far as the "tone block" goes, I doubt it will do anything. Fix up the electronics, and leave it as is.

My 2 cents

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