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Alternative To Buying Battery Box For Actives

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On my from scratch builds,I usually make an extra square rout under the cavity cover,but I make custom size cavities and covers for everything.

What's wrong with buying a box?They work well and they also look good.And compared to the expense of the rest of the guitar materials,the price is negligible.

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What about supplying power externally with a stereo jack and cable? Send power out over the extra contact - ground is going to be the same potential across the preamp and the signal anyway, and the signal can continue to go over the tip. You could build a powerbox the size of a phase 90 (or even smaller, with all luck) fairly easily. Yeah, you've got to bring an extra box around with you, but you also never have to open the guitar to change batteries.

Last time I had a guitar that needed battery power, I screwed in one of these:


Just screwed it into the wood in the cavity, but there was enough room in the tremolo cavity for the battery..

Stew mac has one that holds the battery in a different orientation than the Radio Shack one:


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could always put it into the control cavity and use something to secure it, or even its own compartment within the cavity, with a sponge or similar underneath it pushing it against the cover so it doesnt rattle around.

On one of my guitars I used a fat bearing bit (don't know the name, the bearing was much smaller than the bit), to route an extra compartment for the battery into the side of the control cavity. It's snug enough to fit the battery, which I wrapped in rubber backing (stripped from a mouse pad) so it wouldn't move. Only caveat is that you have to remove the control plate to get to the battery.

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