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Ageing A Pickguard

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never had much luck with tea or coffee for aging modern plastics... might work better on an old celluloid guard.

Personally i would look into smoking it, it would have to be cold smoked rather than hot smoked to prevent warping, or maybe slightly warm would be best. I am sure a simple smoking device could be knocked up at home and you could even throw in some tobbaco to get the correct colour and smell.

basically it would consist of a canister - maybe an old tin, filled with wood chips( and possiby tobaaco). This could go on a barbeque. you would need to capture the smoke coming out the top and pipe it to a chamber containing the parts. Have a few air holes near the bottom to let the smoke escape. If you have a way to hang stuff in the chamber it works well and you can also get some fish on the go, although not with the tobacco in the mix!!!

god knows if it would work but at least you could get some nice fish out of it.

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Hi Gang, Bear here...Happy New Year!!! just thought I'd report back on my progress with ageing my pickguard; I've been soaking it in nasty old coffee and a splash of Behlins Lemon Yellow Stain for about a week now.....It's working!!!! Compared with the bright white pickguard thats on the guitar now it is a lovely cream color with just a hint of that nice "tobacoey" yellowing. I'm going to continue soaking it for another week or so and see what happens. Oh yeah by the way, as intriquing as the smoking idea was Wez, living in an apartment as I do I did'nt think the other tenants would appreciate several days of smoke wafting through the building....but thanks for all of the thought that went into the idea it probably would have worked!

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