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Brass Bridge Care

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anyone got any hints on the best way to look after a 'raw' brass bridge

I have been asked to strip a hardtail down for a look more like an old charvel.. but i am slightly concerned about it turning green within a few months. I am tempted to give it a light coat of lacquer... not sure how other people have approached the problem

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it all helps!!

I reckon a light coat of lacquer might be the way i end up going but i just wondered what other people have done

or indeed if anyone has an old charvel raw brass bridge i know someone thats willing to pay!!!

I may have mentioned i am building a lefty Jake E Lee whitey replica. we sorted a bridge for that but now he is asking about replacing the gotoh hardtail on his Jake blue burst (not built by me) for a plain brass one . Also probably going to be doing jakes white LP junior at some point as well.. What can i say - the guys obsessed!!

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There are specific lacquers for protecting polished brass door furniture and handles, which I believe are formulated slightly differently than regular nitro. I have some from the shop 'Knobs and Knockers', purchased about 20 years ago - god only knows where you'd find some now - architechtural hardware store maybe, or a good hardware store?

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Gold is soo thinly applied.

I ALWAYS shoot my gold Tele bridges with nitro, 2-3 superthin coats.

BUT you need to be acutely aware of your string grounding paths, and remove any lacquer that will impede a good grounding connection. On a Tele bridgeplate, there are several places that you should remove any lacquer buildup.

I use the standard nitro I always use for shooting bodies, just thinned down a lot, never had any problems.

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