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Cheap kit - neck probs


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I just finished putting together one of those Saga strat kits you find on ebay (figured I'd go simple before taking the plunge on building from scratch). I'm having troubles with the neck - I think it has a bit of back-bow (major buzzing on all the lower frets - neck shows small, but visible bowing).

I've loosened the truss rod considerably & waited a few days - things seem to have gotten better, but there's still some bow & buzz.

Any suggestions? What would be the next step to pursue - a little shim to change the neck angle?

Rich (newbie at this)

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so i guess they don't come with dual action truss rods? B) maybe if you just used a heavier set of strings? course that makes it harder to play... and if it doesn't work you just have an even more unplayable guitar :D

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A single action truss rod can only be tightened in one direction, counteracting the necks tendency for an up-bow due to string tension. So if you tighten it, you increase the back-bow on the neck. That's what you have, and you wrote that you loosened it all up. A Dual Action Trussrod can be adjusted in the other direction, too, which is what you would need to counteract your backbow by using the truss, but obviously yours can only be tightened in the other direction (or can it? I don't know but I think you'd have noticed it)

so long


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