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Tinting An Unfinished Allparts Neck?

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the tutorial mentioned a quicker/easier way

The most common way to TRY to achieve this is for people to add amber to their clear lacquer.

it also mentions some problems with it

the “amber-clear” technique actually MASKS the wood grain! Think of it as having plastic wrap over your Television screen….you can still see the picture, but it just isn't right!

personally i dont see anything wrong with a little bit of amber tinted lacquer - but when overdone it can cheapen the look. It certainly is quicker and easier if you have the stuff to do it and has less chance for error . The tutorial is there to provide info on a technique that claims to give more authentic results - but it does take more work to achieve it. the most important part of the tutorial is that it tells you to test on scrap, my guess is that anyone trying this for the first time without doing it on scrap would end up with a bright orange neck, and some of them would then blame the tutorial!!!

reranch sell tinted lacquer in a spray can with is probably perfect for this. Personally i would invest in the appropriate stains and lacquers to do my own - but that depends if you have any spray equipment already and how many guitars you plan on finishing


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I suppose the easiest way is to go to a place like home depot and find a spray can of some poly that has an amber tint. At least there used to be something like that. haven't looked for it for quite some time.

You have it easy if you're doing the whole neck. I have to have $50.00 worth of stains so I can do the best I can trying to dial it in, matching a fret-board refin to the rest of the neck.

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Also,I am in Canada so ReRanch isn't an option for me.

i wasnt sure when i suggested it - but since it didnt say where you are from in your profile i thougt i would post it anyway.. play the odds

Tinted lacquer is definately the easiest way but you will need to find out what is available to you in canada.

a quick search shows you can get a preval sprayer in canada


I havnt used one but its the same as what stew-mac sell for these little jobs

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