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earvana nuts, anyone tried em yet, know anything

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I just replyed to mikecncy123's post on his first project, he mentioned about the nut, I said cutting the nut was a bitch for me, and now im faced with that lovely task again times 2, both my projects will be needing nuts, from scratch, since I was able to borrow nut files before im sure he would let me do that again, but im considering the earvana nuts this time, http://www.earvana.com has anyone here tried a guitar out before with one installed, or installed one before, etc. advice, opinions, anything would be appreciated, its suppost to be compenstated for intonation, to make open chord forms more precise, I dunno, its just an ideal, it sounds good, I figured I just might try on out. What do you think. Thanks in advance.


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I'm doing an Earvana nut I bought with my Warmoth Fender short scale neck for Strat they have. There is some finishing to do but mainly on getting the nut blank to sit flush with the top the fretboard and then you screw on the top piece that has the nut slots in it which then sits perfectly to the fretboard radius. I'm to the glue it in stage. They say super glue, but I believe in measure twice cut once, am looking on the net for different thoughts on nut gluing before I go the point of no return. This is on a Frankenstiened Strat copy made of parts from E-bay,Warmoth,Carvin,Allparts,Wilkinson,Fender,and Earvana.

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I think you can't go wrong with them for that price. They're easier to install and maintain than a buzz feiten system for sure an d you don't need a calibrated tuner. The sound samples I heard were definitely cool, open chords were improved a lot in the lower frets. For my first "real" project I'm definitely considering an Earvana nut

so long


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