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Slip And Slide Workbench


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I am having trouble hand planing or sanding on my workbench because it slides all over the place.. i am looking for a solution to this other then mounting it into the concrete floor because sadly, that is not an option.. are there good non slip feet i can throw on it? for now i just put it up against a wall, but its a real pain to do so because if you have a small shop like me.. you know getting to the wall is never as simple as moving the bench in a straight line. Thanks!

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Assuming your workbench's feet are more substantial than just some little round table legs, maybe glue some some cloth-backed abrasive to the bottom of the feet, and also clean the concrete floor well with solvent. Hard telling what kind of waxy surface there might be on it from previous mopping or even sealing of the floor. I guess you can even scuff up the concrete with sandpaper. I'm assuming your concrete floor is on the smooth side, like mine is.

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If your bench rocks nothing will work except weight. If its just movement you need a vice and some bench dogs. or holes and some dowels and wedges.

This bench is against the wall but is not bolted to it since its 400lb weight keeps it rock solid. It can be moved but I have no room in the middle of my shop because of too many tools. Bench dogs and the European vice design is all I need to clamp a piece of wood down. I use both wood and metal dogs since I don't want to destroy a good plane blade with a thin board.


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