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Need help doing Ghost Flames

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I've just aquirred a killer usa made strat shape bc rich...... only problem is, being from late 80s, its art deco/crap paint graphic looks horrid, almost embarrasing.

Anyways i'm looking at stripping it and refinishing it, was gonna go just black but if one of yall could tell me how, Id love some blue or green ghost flames.

Anybody know how??



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Ghost flames are a pretty simple concept - on a dark background, shoot flames in a reflective color, like flake, pearl or metallic, then shoot the whole thing with a transparent color like a kandy and clear coat as usual. In practice, it ain't quite as easy as it sounds - if I understand what you're looking for, I'd probably use a black background, put down a couple of coats of intercoat clear, shoot the flames in white or silver pearl, more intercoat clear, spray several coats of dark candy blue, green or teal (your choice) until you get the color you're looking for, then topcoat clear, cure and polish. Of course, prepping the surface before you shoot anything is paramount, so read the tutorials. :D And keep in mind, before you repaint that "horrid" graphic, that you're pretty much gonna lose the collector value of an original USA BC Rich - now that D&H own BC Rich, "real" ones are likely to go up in value, especially if it's an uncommon graphic. You might want to let somebody qualified take a look before you ruin a potential "classic".

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Ghost flames are kool. True ghost flames don't appear unless light hits 'em. They look good on black, but I've see 'dark' ghosts on white too. The House of Kolor has the best 'pearls' I've used. The frosty pearls look 'white'...even the colors like green red etc. This is what is shot on cars when you want a color change in light...invisible in clear. I use their Azrek Gold pearl which looks like a dark gold pearl...this will give a heavy pearl color without light, but still transparant depending on how heavy you shoot. I'm sure they have it on other colors which is what I would use for ghost flames. You'll need to test the amount of pearl powder you mix in your clear...always a guess. 1/2 of my pinky finger nail of powder (on a popsicle stick) is usually enough for my paint cup...much less if using an airbrush, you gotta experiment to get the right amount of color mixed in with the clear. I higly recommnend the 3M blue plastic fine line tape for masking and making your design. The 3M green tape is good for masking large areas on fresh paint. lovekraft covered all the other bases, yeah, I'd check to see you don't have a prized original...I only repaint repop or Squire Fender bodies. Good luck.

Flame tape off with 3M tapes and paper

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Here are some examples of ghost flames:





And finally, here's Jackson's take on it:


BG, sure would like to get a look at that Gunslinger before you start work on it.

Butnut, Are you using HOK for everything, or are you clearcoating with something else? I've had 2042 (PPG) recommended to me, the guys say it flows out better and doen't drip/sag as easily.

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Nice pics lovekraft. Good examples. You'll need to use tape to get that crisp edge and heavier build of pearl there. Freehand airbrushing will look too fuzzy. I use the HOK pearls and PPG clears, lacquer for flakes and poly for the pearl. The HOK stuff is real pricey, I bought everything from primer to clears for my PUCH moped...going on 5 years to complete it. :D The PPG poly is a fast cure but anything shot too heavy will run, thats why I shoot the bodies flat, when I hung 'em, I would get a run. Good luck.

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Damn! I wanna go play at G. Edward's house!! :D Puh-leez, huh, huh,can I?!!

My wife and I were thinking of moving to Harrisburg, PA (her hometown) for a little while. I hat to tell her that I was NOT going to paint another office like this. the walls took about 24 hours to finish. The doors are on their third coat and still neet to be painted again.

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thanks butnut..after looking at your pics i was sorely tempted...but then i saw a guitar with a tattoo so i'm in 3 places at the moment...

should i get blue and black

ghost flames

or the tattoo on it?

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