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My Custom Signature Guitar

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im making my signature guitar

im picking up some wood some time this week or next weekend.

here's a pic of the design. it's like a mix between a les paul and a mocking bird.

It's a crappy picture, just the shape, that i made in paint.


Sorry, it's kinda small

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Not a fan, to be honest. I see problems with the visual balance (and perhaps the practical balance) of the shape. Also, not sure that making your own guitar qualifies it as a "signature" guitar. :D

Best of luck, though! You get to call the shots, which is the cool part about making your own.


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Ah, hence my confusion-- usually the signature refers to the artist; typically either a well-known or well-respected one. If you end up going into production, it'll be your brand, not necessarily your signature. :D

Make sure you do some full-sized plans and prototypes. In the meantime, I'd still be curious to see a bigger illustration, with a neck also attached. Hard to tell what the treble-side cutaway is going to look like without a neck on there.

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Nah. That's just the Red Special. :D The Brian May Signature guitar has been made by various companies... I think the first one was Guild? Can't remember who did the much-acclaimed recent one.

However... does the PRS McCarty count as a "signature" model? Not a player so much as a respected designer...

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Oh I know that, I'm just saying-- that guitar is typically referred to not as his signature guitar, but just as the "Red Special." When you talk about the Brian May Signature guitar, you're talking about one of the ones made by Guild or one of the newer ones. If I'm not mistaken, May formed his own little mark (might be manufactured by a parent company; dunno) called Brian May Guitars for the more recent ones.

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