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warped fingerboards

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i have 2 problems concerning warping

1. i have a zircote fingerboard that is already slotted, and it's been sitting around and i just noticed it is U shaped as u look down the board, so it don't sit flat on a neck, it kinda pivots in the middle and sways side to side. Can i just glue this down with lots of clams on both sides? or just run it thru the planer right before i glue?? i'd like to try and save it if i can.

2. I have 2 peices of wood both with about 1/8 to 1/4" warp/twist in the board, the board for guitar fingerboards is 4-1/2" x 23" x 11/16 and i'm hoping to get 4 finger boards out of it, the board was planed but then twisted in the store room is what i heard from the person who sold it to me. I was thinking resaw it with a bandsaw then cut each board into 2 fingerboard blanks, but the twist is going to make things tricky, can i try and steam it out?? and just keep the board pressed down while it dries out? or should i do all the cutting then fix the boards when they're in smaller thinner blanks? oh ya, planning this board is not really an option, cause i only have 3/16" to pull of the resaw with a twist... :D

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Someone (s) wiser than me will add their input, but my first take is to forget those warped chunks. Why risk a small part of the guitar messing up all the work you'll do?

If you need to use them, I'd at least put them on bolt-on necks, not set neck or neck throughs. And I be sure to mate them with strong straight neck wood. Straight grain, quartered rock maple or a laminated neck that uses similarly stable, strong wood. No birds eye or maple or mahogany.

Just my opinion...

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well #2 is going on a 3 peice lamintanate quartersawn purple heart neck thru (very strong), i was thinking about doing a 0.8" (20mm) thick neck.. but i'd still like to fix the twist before glueing

please somone help!! lol

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look at that link setch provided in the set neck removal thread.the guy in it takes a warped fingerboard and straightens it

really? i hadn't noticed that part, thanks wes!

.... looks like i'll need a heatgun

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ok so i got the heatgun,

i'm a little confused though, should i or should i not steam one or both sides of the board? isn't moisture bad? will i have to wait a couple months for all the steam to dry aout since the board is 11/16" thick? and about 5-6" wide?

i've read a couple of ways, steaming, boiling, wet heating, dry heating, ... no idea which to do, and how hot to make the wood?

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