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Durable Paint

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I know this doesn't "exactly" refer to a guitar but I think it's close enough for the site. I recently painted my mic stand white to match my guitar. I used the Dupli-Color aerosol. I realize that's not the exactly the best paint to use, but I thought it'd do the job with enough clear coats. After painting it, I'm pretty sure I'm wrong. It looks good now cause we haven't had any shows yet but when it gets thrown around that paints gonna chip. The stand is made of metal so I thought auto body paint might be the best thing to use. Does anybody know of any paints that can take a beating? I have a spray gun and compressor so it doesn't have to be aerosol. Thanks.

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appliance epoxy is just the same too though. its like the textured stuff on refridgerators. it is very flexible, wont harm guitar paintjobs, and doesnt chip and takes abuse well. its like 4 bucks a can or something. the only reason i would choose this over powdercoating is because you can easily do it yourself, and you dont have to pay someone to do it.

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