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Bubinga For Non-bass Guitar Necks

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Would Bubinga be alright for a guitar neck? Either as a single-piece neck, or in some combination (e.g Maple w/ Bubinga laminate stripes, Bubinga with Maple laminate stripes, et al), or would it be too dark and lifeless? Is there any reason not to? I know it is a fairly common bass neck, but have not heard of it as a guitar neck for whatever reason. Are there any reasons not to?

Second, can you use a tung oil or similar sort of oil finish on it or should it have a normal clear coat finish?


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People order it all the time... The feedback I've heard is very positive too. I have several customers that order it every time. It looks cool with bloodwood or maple laminates too. Wenge laminates are also popular with them, but over all the neck looks darker. It's all in your taste.

Be careful with your 'oil' finish choice... it can become gummy if not properly maintained, applied wrong, or an incorrect type is used. There's loads of info about that on this forum.


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