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Trying to find info on my acoustic

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Ok people

baiscally i have my mums old acoustic guitar and as the title of the topic suggests id like to get some information about it.

its a 6 string folk style guitar. insidethe sound hole itsgo a logo that reads Tatra Classic Foreign and on the head stock its got a smallish black logo that reads Tatra Foreign

my mum bought it somewhere between 1970 to 1971 if thats any help

its got very nice grain patterns over the front back and sides of the body, i have no idea what woods they are tho

its all completelly original, tuners etc. its quite well used and has quite a few scratches and dents over it. the tuners are a bit worn out and slightlly stiff but otherwise ok. everything else is fine, no structural problems, bridge is fine.

if anybody knows where i could find info or would be able to tell me anything from what ive told you then id be really grateful. ill try to get some pictures up in the next couple of days.

cheers guys

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i know what make and model it is, i just cant find info anywhere. i search on ebay and get a few people on personal web pages talking about "i got my first proper guitar, a tatra classic, when i was 17" (amusinglly enough i found melvin hiscocks webpage like this yesterday lol)

i really cant be bothered to take it to some acoustic guitar shop and ask their opinion lol

looking around ive realised that part of the problem with me searching on the net is that theres a model of classic carcalled a tatra lol

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