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neck help.


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i'm planning on doing a deep tenon set neck right. so i want the neck blank to be extremely long. like 40 inches or so. my question is this. Does the headstock need to be directly mounted on the neck. I no ideally it does but does it have to? And Can i mount the tenon on the neck? like cut a slot into the neck and put about half of tenon into the neck and keep the other half out? I CANT FIND BIG ENOUGH BLANKS! And do you guys think that a 4 piece neck good for sustain? I was thinkin like 2 mahogany and 2 birdseye maple. or 2 mahogany and 1 birdsye maple with ebony "highlighty thingys" to tell the wood apart. Will this mess up the sustain? :D

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no...suppliers of blanks ar more expensive.i can get enough alder for a guitar body for $20

i can get enough maple for 2 thru necks for $25

i goto the local hardwood guy(paxton)

you can get it online just as cheap if you buy it by the bf but then you don't get to see the wood

look in your yellow pages under hardwood

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heheh, at my local suppiler, I can get massive bits of ultely mahogany for like £30 tops for a bit big enough for a 6 string bass at a 35 inch scale in one peice! And ultely is cheaper and harder the brazilian!

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