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Minwax Wipe On Poly?

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I was thinking of doing a minwax wipe on poly urethane finish on my recently built saga guitar kit. It would go over a few coats of stewmac colortone tinted lacquer-red. Is there anything bad with the wipe on or is it a good idea? Im willing to just do a colortone clear gloss spray lacger finish but i already have the wipe on. What are so pros and cons of the wipe on and if anyone has a website with pictures of a guitar that was finished with minwax wipe on poly that would be greaty appreciated.

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alright, well, i might be able to help you here

im doing a guitar thats wipe on minwax clear satin poly

i think it is very easy to work with. heres a link to the post i just did with pics


i did test peices with a bristle brush and i found that the cheap foam brushes are much easier and more effective for application.

pros for me - great finsih, none of the hassles of spraying (plus no need to invest in equipment if you dont have it)

cons - i havent ran into anything i dont like about this method of finish yet

i would say its a great idea if you want to invest the time in doing it.

edit: Mikro is right, i didnt see that. i say to go with poly

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It would go over a few coats of stewmac colortone tinted lacquer-red.


Hi Andy,

The main problem I see with your idea is this. Lacquer and Poly DO NOT MIX!!! They won't stick to each other. So use one or the other. If you want some toner colors under the poly then use dewaxed shellac and tint it the color you want. This will work under poly or lacquer.

Just my .02cents worth.


edited to add: If you use Bullseye shellac. get the seal coat shellac, not the finish shellac. The seal coat does not have wax, the finish shellac does,(Thats the milky stuff in it) :D


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