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I think I'm Behind

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Yea I know I've seen these Guitars Everywhere Since (Surfing W/ Alien) Came Out . Anyway I have purchased a { JEM 555 } Ibanez for $425.00 it has a Small crack above the first Fret . That's not my Problem

The Problem is I Know nothing about JEM's / Except that there very expensive

and have a cool handle on them and Of Course Steve Via............................

Did I get Ripped ?

Is this a Good Model Or not?

What Year was it made?

Thanks for taking the time To Help


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well it is the "more affordable" jem. it was made for a few years, but it is kind of not popular amongst jem aficianados. them main reason being that it is made in korea vice japan, the other reason is the trem. it has a lo-trs 2 trem, not the higher quality edge trem. however it does have evolution pick ups, and with a little routing of the trem pocket a edge trem will retrofit. so all is not lost. the inlay is also kind of unfinished looking due to the half vine, half dots look.

here's my take:

1. if you like the guitar, then who the F**K cares what it is, or isn't.

2. an edge trem is nice, and not too difficult ro retrofit.

3. a nice RG neck will fit and you can have a custom inlay done. i recomend jeremy at LGM guitars. (if you don't like the one it's got.

if you like the guitar, and it plays and sounds good to you, then no you didn't get ripped. If someone told you it was the top of the line jem, then kick them in the nuts!!

check out this website. it has all of the info you need about the jem guitars. JEMSITE

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check out this website. it has all of the info you need about the jem guitars. JEMSITE

Don't think that their post's regarding the JEM555 are necisarily true though. *They* tend to take the 'problems' with the 555 way to seriously.

*Not refering to all jemsiters, but is clearly the majority who think this way*


i like the 555! :D

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i like it too. it is a "more affordable jem". if taken for what it is, then it's a nice axe.

for the record, if it had been made in japan, then the folks at jemsite would love the f'n thing. the jem 7dbk is a more affordable jem, made in japan, and they rave about that one. once again, in the imortal words of C&C Music Factory: "Things that make you go HMMM". :D

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One thing I know and it isn't hidden, that is the webmaster is pretty biased against the 555 over there which sway's the other's opinion of it a lot.

I know plenty of people that have TRS and TRS II trems and have never experianced a major problem with them.

When it comes to 555's another thing is they are holding a higher value then first expected. They are around $800 street new and seem to be holding the $450-550 range used.

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the only thing I don't like is the inlay, but like Speedy said, just send it to LGM for a couple hundred bucks and get the vine completed

Thanks for all the Input everybody I've learned a lot! .... "Scott" Please Explain!!

Is there more vine on the "real " JEMs !!!


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I bet he did to show me what Scott R was talkin about

We'll Thanks again for everyone Input I think I'm going to pass on the "Jem 555" I've got enough "Good" Guitars I'm looking for face Ripping, the hunt Go's on ....


....Yea I know $500.00 ain't Gonna cut it!!!!

Max! :D

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

I agree that the 555 is just fine. The other guitarist in an ond band of mine had one...She played it well too. I got to play it, and couldnt find any reason why it is crap. Affordable version, yes. I say put a quilt top on it and enter the carriburst contest.

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